Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Success in 2012

Well, I've been getting out hunting a lot this Spring, seems to be slowing down a bit as Summer approaches . But I must say that since I got the Garrett AT Pro detector last October, finds have picked up dramatically. It is murder on quarters, very distinct readings. This past weekend I only got out once due to work, but I found a nice heavy silver religious medal. Already this year I have over $200 and 2000 coins found. The readings are so precise that I've basically quit digging new zinc pennies so I can concentrate on good stuff. 18 rings, 7 silver, no gold yet, although it is good on nickels also.  well, I'll get some pictures up shortly, sorry have been deficient on posting, as I've been helping my better half get her antiques business off the ground on weekends.
That's treasure hunting as well, and it's been going great also. Details to follow shortly.