Tuesday, April 28, 2009

New Sweepstakes

2 Sweepstakes wins here so far this week! I won a $10 gift card in the Century 21 online sweeps and a $50 gift card in the cash for cat care sweeps below. With 4 cats, that is a great prize! This is a photo of Zippy, he's about 7 months old. He is a Turkish Van and is very playful.

OK, here's a good sweepstakes. If you are a cat lover, you can win one of 150 gift cards in this sweepstakes and instant win game.

Cashforcatcare.com - Daily entry for sweepstakes and instant win game until July 31. 100 Grand prizes of $100 Gift card, 50 first prizes of $50 Gift card.

Sweepstakes Tip - Check the coupon inserts in your Sunday paper, there are always national sweepstakes advertised in there.

Monday, April 20, 2009

This week's Sweepstakes

It's rainy and bloomin gloomy here! But that means the flowers will be blooming by the weekend when it's supposed to be warm and sunny. Happy Spring...OK on to this week's sweepstakes:

-Pot Of Gold - Enter up to 5x a day till April 30 for $100 instant win or a chance at $50,000.

-Rachel Ray Green Spring Cleaning - Enter daily till April 29. Ten winners of $100 green cleaning package.

-Sweepstakes Tip - Check your favorite magazines at the beginning of each month to see if they have new giveaways.


Tuesday, April 14, 2009

New Weekly Sweepstakes

I've been away for a few days but am back with some sweepstakes that offer good odds to win.

Family Dollar - Open until April 30, daily entry. 20 prizes of free diapers for a year.

Betty Crocker - Open until April 30, daily entry. 1 Grand Prize of a Big barrel grill. Daily prizes of a $65 table top grill and grilling utensils. (Enter via the alternate entry box above where you type in your name).

Good Housekeeping - Good Deals and Smart Steals. Open until April 30, 1 entry per household. 30 winners of this book on frugal living.

Sweepstakes Tip - Bookmark daily entries in a folder named Sweepstakes so you can easily submit all your entries from one place each day. Good luck and happy sweeping!


Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Received a Sweepstakes Win today

Part of the fun of doing sweepstakes is that you never know when a win will show up at your door. You fill out your entries, visualize your prize, then send the entries out into the universe and hope for the best. Today the big brown truck stopped by with a $50 Gift card I won about a month ago from a Tropicana-Purina sweepstakes. Yay! That's a couple tanks of gas (last year it was one tank)!

I feel like there should be more coming soon.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Weekend Sweepstakes

Here are some good sweepstakes for this week.
Luxaholics - This is a great prize collection. Each one is one entry per person/family/household.
Loralie.com - offers the last chance to win a prom dress before Prom season in May. 1 entry, and you can pick what color and style you want. Hurry!
Kellogg's - is giving away 499 $10 Itunes gift cards. This is winnable! But it is only open until April12. It's a daily entry. Go to Music Giveaway link on the bottom of the storefront. Give it a try and tell me when you win.
CastrolGTX - Oh you can still race Ashley Force in the sweepstakes I won below. It's a daily entry till April 30.

Good luck to all! Let's prove to people that sweepstakes can be won!

Sweepstakes win and Treasure

Yay! It looks and finally feels like Spring has finally arrived. March acted like it didn't want to end. I received the T-shirt in the mail yesterday that I won in the Castrol sweepstakes a few weeks back. After piddling around the house for a while and finishing up a metal detector article, I took the detector out to a local schoolyard that has been pretty good to me. Was able to dig about $4.00 in change, always good. To top the day, I received a nice low round tone as I was making my way back to the car and out popped this beautiful 14K gold ring from about 2" down! Woo hoo! It's got Madonna on both sides and a pretty blue stone. Nice treasure. Aarghh!
How to Use a Metal Detector at the Beach

Friday, April 3, 2009

Small Sweepstakes win

Hey! I won a 2 oz. Vitamin D sample on my first try at the Wellesse sweepstakes. Go to www.Wellesse.com to give it a try. This is a daily that goes through April 30. I can always use vitamins. Give it a try, you can win a one-year supply of vitamin D.

I also found a couple of pennies laying in the street, they go into the treasure chest as well. On to the weekend!