Monday, June 11, 2012

Silver Treasure Coming in Steadily

So far this year has been good for treasure hunting.  I have managed to keep a piece or two of silver coming in pretty steadily. The Garrett AT Pro detector I bought last Fall is very accurate on silver and nickels. Since I hunt primarily in suburbia, the parks, schools, ballfields and playgrounds are quite plentiful.  They get replenished also. They are never hunted out. I have to say that every school and park has at least one ring, you just have to hunt enough to find it, and believe that its there. 

Above is a nice heavy sterling cross I found alongside a baseball field a few weeks ago. It is heavier than the silver quarter next to it. Below is my ring box for 2012. I have now filled the 3rd row since taking this picture, with more than half being silver. Some real nice ones too. Love it!

Gold rings indicate same or close to nickels. For some reason I haven't been lucky enough to bring up a gold ring yet this year, but I'm sure they are out there. I certainly have dug a lot of nickels and pull tabs, so its just a matter of sticking with it. As Mel Fisher used to say, "Today's The Day!"