Sunday, April 5, 2009

Weekend Sweepstakes

Here are some good sweepstakes for this week.
Luxaholics - This is a great prize collection. Each one is one entry per person/family/household. - offers the last chance to win a prom dress before Prom season in May. 1 entry, and you can pick what color and style you want. Hurry!
Kellogg's - is giving away 499 $10 Itunes gift cards. This is winnable! But it is only open until April12. It's a daily entry. Go to Music Giveaway link on the bottom of the storefront. Give it a try and tell me when you win.
CastrolGTX - Oh you can still race Ashley Force in the sweepstakes I won below. It's a daily entry till April 30.

Good luck to all! Let's prove to people that sweepstakes can be won!

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