Friday, April 3, 2009

Small Sweepstakes win

Hey! I won a 2 oz. Vitamin D sample on my first try at the Wellesse sweepstakes. Go to to give it a try. This is a daily that goes through April 30. I can always use vitamins. Give it a try, you can win a one-year supply of vitamin D.

I also found a couple of pennies laying in the street, they go into the treasure chest as well. On to the weekend!



  1. Nice, TY, I think I will share this on my site. Check it out when you get the chance, I think you will enjoy some finds there:)

  2. Iif you want to learn more about vitamin D and why the Canadian Cancer Society now recommends that everyone takes vitamin D to prevent cancer, take a look at all the information is on this site

  3. Thanks for that tip. I take calcium with Vitamin D as it aids in calcium absorption.