Monday, March 9, 2009

2009 Sweepstakes update

Well, I thought it was time to give a little further info on one of my other treasure-gathering hobbies and that is sweepstaking. So far in 2009 I've gotten 7 sweepstakes wins:

2- $5 coupon for Pace salsas --Online instant win
2- $15 in Kraft/Nabisco coupons --Online instant win
1- $195 pair of Cinzia sunglasses --online blog win
1- $10 Castrol t-shirt -- online instant win
1- $50 Gas card --mail-in Purina

I also wrote 2 more sweeps-related articles on eHow, that makes a total of 5 so far. Hoping sweeps wins pick up soon, last big win was $1200 last Summer from Colgate.
How to Win Mail in Sweepstakes
How to Get Organized to Win Mail in Sweepstakes

Although I've won a lot online over the years, including a pick-up truck and a trip to Cancun, I think the mail-ins will pay off more as postage continues to increase. Time will tell.


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