Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Deep Blue Marine Locates 16th Century Treasure Ship

The Deep Blue Marine company recently uncovered a treasure ship from the late 1500's off the coast of the Dominican Republic.  So far, the company has brought up jade statues, along with silver and gold coins dating back to 1537. That would make the find one of the oldest in the New World, less than 100 years after Christopher Columbus sailed these same waters. The company feels that a lot more is still under water, as they have not yet hit the main wreckage from the ship.  The mirror in the photo above is actually a polished piece of iron pyrite that is discussed in the video below. Not bad for being over 400 years old!   Watch the short video below to see the dive team in action and visit the company's website to see additional treasure photos.  This is one recovery we will be watching closely to see what else emerges.
                                Deep Blue dive video        Deep Blue Marine website

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