Saturday, June 11, 2011

Silver Coin Calculator From White's Metal Detectors

With the price of silver flirting with $40 per ounce, the helpful folks at White's Electronics have created a Silver coin calculator for us. White's is the maker of metal detectors, through which many silver coins are found. With the price of silver near all-time highs, this may be the time to sell. As you know from some of my previous posts, we tried our hand at coin roll hunting, with pretty fair success. It amazes me that a 1964 half dollar we paid 50 cents for is now worth over $13.00.  And yes, they do sell for that high on eBay.
You may not have found silver coins with a metal detector, but perhaps you have inherited a few that are stuck in the back of a closet in a jar.  Curious about what they might be worth?  This silver coin calculator is updated every 30 minutes at the spot silver price. It might be a handy reference to bookmark since you don't have to figure the amount of silver in each coin, then check today's silver price. Just enter how many coins of which denomination you have, and the calculator does the rest.  I have sold a few rolls on eBay recently, and I can tell you that what you see on this silver coin calculator is pretty close to what you can get on an eBay sale.  Good luck to you. This may be the time to turn that stored silver treasure into cash!  Aaargh!

Silver Coin Calculator 


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