Monday, October 5, 2009

Four Ringie-Dingies

Ahhh. Probably my favorite types of treasure to find is a nice ring. Last year I found 45 of them, the year before I think 32. This weekend was cool and sunny out, so it was a good weekend to get the old metal detector back in action. Over the course of 3 hunts, I was blessed to find 4 nice rings. Aarghh! I started at a small lake beach nearby that produced 5 rings last year. This time I found the copper ring and a silver toe ring buried in the sand. I'm sure there are more there, I have to go back and check again. On Saturday, I went to a woodchip playground for about a half hour and found the green stone ring with diamonds. Alas, it is costume, but still gave my heart a little start when I found it! Lastly, the silver band was buried about 4 inches down on a softball field. It came up nice and shiny, in a big clod of dirt. Now that's a good treasure weekend! The piles of coins in the other picture were found while ring-hunting. It all adds up to a full treasure chest after a while.

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