Monday, September 21, 2009

Multiple Streams of Treasure

Well I found treasure this weekend through several means. It's all found, it just keeps flowing in as long as you believe it's out there. And yes, we are surrounded by it. OK, here's how the treasure you see here arrived in my treasure chest. The silver half dollar came through coin roll hunting. I got a few rolls of half dollars from the bank. Since they hardly circulate at all, there are some old ones in there if you look through them. I was lucky and found this 1968 half that is 40% silver. Worth a few dollars. Check my article 'How to Find Silver Coins in Circulation' for more info on coin roll hunting.

Next, moneywalking is another way to find treasure consistently. Just look around on your travels. On a trip to Walmart, I took a quick look in the Coinstar reject tray, and it was filled with coins! There were 3 Euro coins and 9 pennies. Treasure! I found a dollar bill on the ground earlier this week, but forgot to include it in the pic. So there's some nice treasure rolling in.

Next, I took my metal detector out to an area that is being cleared for development, and found this large military coat button. It's from the 20th century, but it's almost as big as the half dollar. That's a nice old relic. The rest of the coins were found with the detector in a schoolyard on the way home. Not bad!

Oh, and one more stream of treasure came via my 1st mate, who loves thrift store and yard sale shopping. She found this hand-painted tole can, a nice numbered and signed rustic print, and a pair of signed Tiffany crystal candlesticks for $10 total. Can't beat that with a stick!

There you go, 4 ways to find treasure. Aarghh!


  1. That is so neat! I've always wanted to try a metal detector!

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