Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Spanish Treasure and Silver

It has been very dry here but we got a nice overnight rain, so I wanted to get the metal detector out for a spin. I just bought a Garrett pro-pointer on my Florida trip, so wanted to try that out as well. I went to a local school and found 20 or so coins on the playground, then tried another schoolyard in an older part of the county. Started off slow, the ground was still quite dry below an inch. Dug a few pulltabs down 4-6" deep. This particular school has not given up a ring yet. I'm convinced that there is at least one at every school. Since this school is from the late 1950's I'm sure there are a few. Anyway, I like the pinpointer, it reaches a good 2" or so through the soil. Got a good repeatable signal at 6" and out popped a shiny silver dime, dated 1964. Ahhh, that was nice, its the first one this year, and boded well for the hunt. A few other coins started popping up. I have to go back there and work slowly when the ground is wet this Winter. After a bit, I got another strong signal at 2 to 3 inches, and out popped this big copper coin. It is a Spanish 10 centimos, dated 1878. Wow, Spanish treasure! That's the oldest coin I've found in this area. Great treasure day. Aarghh.

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