Thursday, September 10, 2009

Florida Treasure Hunting

OK, I promised I would come back with some news after my trip to Florida. On this trip, I was with family, doing the obligatory parks and such. It was fun....but tiring. And though I couldn't dedicate time to moneywalking, I was still able to come up with 7 coins over the course of the weekend. I've found that airports are a good place to look since people are lounging around while waiting, spending money at food and souvenir stores, and on carpeted surfaces a lot, which deadens the sound of a dropped coin. So that was OK, something new learned.

I was able to get out for a spin through some thrift stores also. I like the Florida stores. They have a different class of clothing, more Summer stuff of course. And since the population is older, a lot of people donate stuff when they are downsizing or moving. And there is some older stuff. There is always different stuff in thrift stores in other parts of the country, or in other countries. That makes thrift store treasure hunting a lot of fun. You just have to go in with the mindset that there will be something good in there, you just have to sift through until you find it.

So, here is a selection of some cool treasures found. The black candleholders are handpainted tin, old and really nice for $3 the pair. I have a collection of old pewter so at $1, the Reed and Barton candleholder was a steal. The old jewelry box I think was $1 also, and the McCoy vase was $2. Nice! In the other pics, the clay pitcher is new but goes with other colonial stuff I have, $3. Finally, the yellow planter is a 1941 Nelson McCoy piece, nice find. I had to leave a big McCoy vase, since I was traveling by plane. Picked up a couple other items too, a lot of neat treasure finds! My other half has a little antique booth and this gives us a legitimate reason to treasure hunt, and keeps the treasure moving on its journey to someone who will be thrilled to find it. So I feel we are just middlemen in these items' trip from treasured at one time, to hidden junk, to found treasure, and finally back to treasured. The treasure cycle continues. Aarghh!

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