Saturday, January 2, 2010

2009 Treasure Hunting Wrapup

It is snowy and frozen here this New years weekend, so I went through the 2009 treasure chest and took some pictures. Last year I managed to dig up over 2500 coins with a metal detector, not bad. Added up to almost $200. Also managed to dig 21 rings from parks, sports fields and playgrounds, several pretty nice ones. When it was too cold or wet, I did some coin roll hunting for silver. Aarghh. The pictures are 336 quarters, 2 gold dollars, 2 half dollars and a military token, all dug. The pile of half dollars are all silver from the 1960s when they were made of either 90% silver (1964 and before) or 40% silver (1965-69). I picked out the four gold rings I dug, my first mate has already claimed them, as she has the silver dolphin ring. Other stuff is in previous posts. Little by little it all adds up to a full treasure chest.

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  1. Awesome digs for the year! We hope to be as successful as you were....tough challenge, but we are up for it. Looking forward to future posts!

    We are The Lincoln Penny Project blog and family from Seattle wishing you a Happy New Year!