Sunday, January 24, 2010

Quick January Treasure Hunt

Rain Friday, rain Sunday but was able to get out Saturday for a bit.  We finally had enough warm air that the ground has thawed, although there are some dirty piles of snow still around.  Hit a couple of local schools with the Ace 250 metal detector. Came up with about $3 in change, not bad, was pleased to find a necklace and my first gold dollar of the year, always nice to find...certainly more efficient than digging 100 pennies!

Here's a quarter coming up from a few inches deep in a woodchip playground.   Keep hunting, it's out there! 


  1. Looks good Twincapes, glad some people have been able to get out! We have had snow here in Boone ever since the week before Christmas! Torrential rain right now, so, needless to say, I'm itching to get out and hunt! Thanks for following me! :D

  2. Great job on the hunt (great finds)-glad that you were able to get out! Which Presidential Dollar coin did you get? I picked up a Tyler above ground and JQ Adams below ground.

    Keep at it and happy hunting,
    Steve from Seattle