Monday, February 15, 2010

Airport Money

One of my favorite moneywalking places is in an airport.  I don't go out of my way to go moneywalking there, but if I am there, I do go out of my way to hunt for stray coins, because I know they are there. Airports have several things going for them, they are noisy, many surfaces are carpeted, people are spending money there in food courts, people are in a hurry and carrying bags, and people are lounging around for extended periods. That all adds up to lost coins.

Here is a handful of coins I found last week on a trip.  All except one were found in airports. 19 coins plus a Philadelphia transit token that has a copper strip through the middle.  If you are interested in foreign coins, airports are also a good place to do some coin hunting if the opportunity presents itself. Back home now, waiting for these piles of snow to melt and see whats been dropped in them.  Looks like that might take a month or so, though.  Oy.

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