Sunday, May 10, 2009

1000 Coins

Well, I found my 1000th coin of 2009 yesterday and it was a 1964 Canadian penny, oddly enough. I have slowed down a bit this year from last year when I found 4100 coins. I guess i am on pace for about 3000, which is what I found in 2007. So far this year I have found 2 nice gold rings and 2 silver. 34 of the coins were found when just walking around, the rest came via metal detector. That adds up to around $70 so far. It's fun, you never know when a nice piece of jewelry or a ring will pop out of the ground. And the coins add up. I am convinced that there is more money lost or sitting in drawers than is in circulation. Make money by picking up what has been dropped. An interesting concept.


  1. Nice post. I had an interesting money find today. In the famous 17th street canal in New Orleans, the one that was breached during Katrina, it meanders near my home. Today, I peered over the 20 ft high bank which is concrete as is the bottom. I noticed a lonely penny on a flat area at water's edgte. With closer inspection I saw several more pennies. Using a workers access ladder, I inspected the landing more carefully. The spot yielded 300 pennies, 3 dimes, 1 nickel, 1 Canadian nickel, and 1 Canadian penny.

    As you say, you can never tell what will show up with vigilant searching

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