Monday, May 11, 2009

Are Sweepstakers Just Incredibly Lucky?

I was told recently that I am just so lucky, because I've been able to win many things through sweepstaking over the years. As a matter of fact, I've been told that quite a lot. But I'm not, I just work at something that most people think is out of their reach, that is, winning sweepstakes.

It's really quite a thrill to have the Fedex truck stop at your house and deliver a big envelope from a judging agency that you have to sign for. You never know what it could be! I've signed for trips, electronics, cash, and even had to sign for a T-shirt win once (why?). Or you come home from work and find a box waiting on the front step from Arrowhead Lake, Young America, MN or Melville NY. That's where some of the big sweepstakes judging agencies are located. It's like Christmas any day of the year.

But like anything else, it takes work. There are many, many prizes awarded in sweepstakes each year and someone has to win. I research prize structures, closing dates, and entry limits and pick those that are the most winnable. If they are one -entry per person, I enter them also, because I have the same odds of winning as everyone else.

All sweepstakes are longshots, but not as long as the lottery by far. Sweeps are definitely winnable. I keep a binder with all my winning notices in it to keep me going when dry spells come along. Actually, I am on my second binder now, I filled the first one. The prize list includes a truck (won online), a trip to Cancun, a cruise to the Bahamas, VIP trip to the X games in LA, VIP trip to Champions on Ice in Las Vegas, and a couple of smaller trips. Let me tell you that a VIP pass is definitely the way to travel. You are backstage, mingling with the athletes, open bars, free food and transportation, it's fantastic. Something you'd probably never experience except for sweepstaking. Here are 2 articles on the subject to help you get started.

How to Find Winnable Online Sweepstakes - 5 Easy Ways

How to Win Mail in Sweepstakes

So far 2009's been on the slow side, but you never know when the big win is about to arrive. Keep the faith and keep entering.


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