Friday, May 22, 2009

Memorial Day Sweepstakes

Here are a few new Summer - oriented sweepstakes with some good prizes.

--McCormick Grill Mates - Daily entry until July 6. One grand prize of a grill, 120 daily prizes of a box of grilling spices.
--McDonald's McCafe Your Day - Daily entry till August 2, Ten winners each week receive a $1000 Visa Gift Card and a $50 McDonald's arch card.
--Land's End Barbados Getaway - Daily entry till May 31. One winner of a week in Barbados, including air. Wait for the plane to fly over the island for the entry form. Nice prize. Make sure you always read contest rules. In this case, retail value is $20,000, depending where you are flying from, which to me is kind of high. Taxes on that would be several thousand. In this case though, the rules say that they are throwing in $5,000 cash, so you could cover the taxes with that. Since it's structured that way, I'd say to go for it. Oh, and you can buy a swimsuit right on the website for your trip. Convenient!

Good luck!

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